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Private Instruction (MUSC 170, 171, 173, 173, 174, 175)

MUSC 170-175 are variable credit. When you enroll, you choose either one or two credits.
For one credit, students take ten weekly, half-hour lessons.
For two credits, students take ten hour-long lessons.
These classes are meant to be taken sequentially. The first quarter, you enroll for MUSC 170. The next time you take lessons, you enroll for MUSC 171, etc.

When registering, the student pays the college for one or two credits. After that, the student is responsible for paying the instructor directly for the private lessons.

If you would like help finding an instructor, we have a list of approved instructors for most traditional orchestral and popular instruments.
If you already have an instructor, please have them contact the Department Coordinator to see if they are eligible to teach credit lessons at Highline. We typically require a Masters or Doctorate in an appropriate performance area.

At this time, we have Highline College music staff available for instruction in:

Other instructors typically teach in studios and from their homes.

Grade sheets are available in .pdf format. Instructors should email the Department Coordinator to obtain the grade sheets.
These grade sheets MUST be submitted by the Friday of the last complete week of classes in the quarter.
Alternatively, the instructor can email the Department Coordinator the student's grade by that Friday, and mail the grade sheet by the following week.

Any additional questions should be directed to:
Dr. Ben Thomas


Page last updated: October 30, 2014.